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05. November 2013 von

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Design & art celebrating their wedding

On the invitation list: design enthusiasts, art lovers, driftwood aficionados, leather adepts, recycling likers, fans and friends of extraordinary product ideas and modern contemporary art objects made with driftwood.

In cooperation with product designers Jens Zijlstra and Benjamin Stöckhert we present fancy bags for everyday life in my gallery-atelier. Their attributes are carefully selected leather, recycled car belts and locks as well as sturdy sailcloth inside. Get ready for sculptures, mural reliefs and design furniture that first of all just claim to exist, in order to lose in a next step their insignificance for you. It is like you walking by a piece of driftwood on the beach or, at the best, lighting a romantic campfire with it, while I see a completely new symbiosis with materials like stainless steel, glass, polished wood or plastic.

Enjoy the wedding party of functionality, haptics and visual fun in the morbid atmosphere of a 70’s industry building. That is what will be our main concern this afternoon. Vernissage is somewhere else…

WHERE? Atelier deGröger, Bogenstrasse 1, 90530 Wendelstein
WHEN? 7.Dezember 2013, 14 – 19 Uhr

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