Archaic Art meets the design lines of Mercedes

07. March 2014 von

Artikelbild Austellung Löhlein


The 15th of March I present my new sculpture at the car dealership Löhlein in Wendelstein, while Mercedes will present their new GLA and C-class types. Raw, used motorparts like pistons and cylinders are the footing for a piece of driftwood from Kings Canyon in Caliornia. The find was formed by the wild water coming from the glacier in the Sierra Nevada into it’s dynamic wingform. The vehemece and the brute signs of deterioration of the motorparts in use seem to lift the rare piece, probably from a sequoia, into the light. I took all of the motorparts in their used look to give the driftwood the presence it needs. The opportunity to show this special sculpture in the context of the new Mercedes types makes the observation and interpretation even more fascinating. So just show up at the cardealership Löhlein in Wendelstein the 15th of March! If we can make it logistically we will also show the mural relief “The finish Decents”. The approximately 4.500 Lego bricks should be able to bring car fans back to their childhood.

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