German prefabricate house manufacturer brings art into the bathroom

04. March 2014 von

Artikelbild-luxhaus schatten

It might be a very new experience to take a shower, to brush your teeth or to do whatever inside an art object. That might even mean that this kind of merging of art and design could be a starter for really new impulses in the bathroom. Myself and the german prefabricate house manufacturer Luxhaus risk a new experiment and try to top the trend towards the stylish bathroom. I transfered the impressions I brought from the beaches in Europe and also the pacific coast in California into nine motives exclusively designed for Luxhaus. These motives can decorate the back of the shower in the bathroom, they are uniquely used for Luxhaus customers. The whole bathroom will in terms of color be tuned according to the motives and will be upvalued and individually harmonized. For me it is an honour and and also a challenge to work with this renowned company. The head of marketing, Mrs Seufert, convinces because of her great understanding of art and her view for esthetic and original designs. The motives are visualized in a classy brochure and are displayed in the show houses of Luxhaus.

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