Why did I not become a painter?

21. July 2015 von

A painter stands in front of his canvas and starts his creative process. My creative process starts with wondering what materials will be at my disposal. Will form and shape of the driftwood inspire me, and, if so, to do what? The owner of an outdoor gallery with arguably the most spectacular view over Andratx asked me to create two sculptures. The challenge was that driftwood from the island was to be used and that, as a series of events had been planned from the end of July, the sculptures had to be finished by then. A very ambitious undertaking! Two or three days had been set aside for finding and salvaging some driftwood. Initially, with the help of Google Earth and some friends who know the area, everything seemed to point towards success.
I admit that the third day with no driftwood in Sa Planeta dampened motivation a bit.

This third day ended in an unplanned sports challenge involving a pedal boat and, crucially, a lack of spatial awareness skills. More about this in the next article…

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