German prefabricate house manufacturer brings art into the bathroom

04. March 2014 von

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It might be a very new experience to take a shower, to brush your teeth or to do whatever inside an art object. That might even mean that this kind of merging of art and design could be a starter for really new impulses in the bathroom. Myself and the german prefabricate house manufacturer Luxhaus risk a new experiment and try to top the trend towards the stylish bathroom. I transfered the impressions I brought from the beaches in Europe and also the pacific coast in California into nine motives exclusively designed for Luxhaus. These motives can decorate the back of the shower in the bathroom, they are uniquely used for Luxhaus customers. The whole bathroom will in terms of color be tuned according to the motives and will be upvalued and individually harmonized. For me it is an honour and and also a challenge to work with this renowned company. The head of marketing, Mrs Seufert, convinces because of her great understanding of art and her view for esthetic and original designs. The motives are visualized in a classy brochure and are displayed in the show houses of Luxhaus.

Art and Design – Driftwood kisses finest leather

10. January 2014 von

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Though it had happened four weeks ago I want to give you some impressions of the last event. By the way, from february on one or two of my objects can be seen in Nürnberg. The exact place and time will be given in an extra article.

For all those of you having been inhibited by the pre-x-mas stress I want to briefly describe the impressions of this event. I think that the cold beer, the sparkling wine drunk out of plastic cups and the really relaxed atmosphere have prevented the effect of a classy vernissage – thank God! The bad illumination activated the imagination when observing my objects. That was on purpose – at least 50 %….

Jens and Benjamin seem no to be limited to designing really fancy bags, but they also have materialized the brilliant secret receipe for tomato butter on bworn bread. So no chance for a growling stomach!

The youngest object of my creativity got ready just in time for the start of the exhibition and came into the visual awareness of the visitor in a dominant way right in the entrance area – wether legitimate or not. “Top or Bottom” is now ready for interpretation. They say there have even been headstands in front of the sculpture enwinded by stainless steel.

“Thousand faces”

27. December 2013 von

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Usually I’m not a friend of losing many words. But this time will be an exception. A great thanks to the highest bidder for my sculpture “thousand faces”. This special and dilly object will find its place in a private environment of a very authentic and artloving person.

The “Elterninitiative krebskranker Kinder Nürnberg e.V.” is happy about 1200 €, and I am happy about the positive feedback concerning my activity and the last event. Many thanks as well for all the inquiries of exhibitors for my sculptures and furniture objects.

Sculpture “Thousand faces” will be sold by auction for a good cause

18. December 2013 von

Copyright deGröger 2013 Sculpture Thousend Faces

Copyright deGröger 2013 Sculpture Thousend Faces


Until the 20th of december 2013 you can bid for my sculpture “Thousand faces”. The whole amount will be donated to the “Elterninitiative krebskranker Kinder Nürnberg e.V.” Together with the employee Mrs Übler, the chairman and the driving force Mr. Wunderlich I had a conversation concerning the association and the use of the donated money. At this opportunity we made the promovideo for the auction.

More information about the “Elterninitiative krebskranker Kinder Nürnberg e.V.” can be found on Bids can be placed directly via mail: or at our cooperation partners Luxhaus in Georgsgmünd:,contact person Mrs. Seufert.

The estimated price of the sculpture is 2500 €. Please place only realistic bids.

Exhibition Art & Design

05. November 2013 von

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Design & art celebrating their wedding

On the invitation list: design enthusiasts, art lovers, driftwood aficionados, leather adepts, recycling likers, fans and friends of extraordinary product ideas and modern contemporary art objects made with driftwood.

In cooperation with product designers Jens Zijlstra and Benjamin Stöckhert we present fancy bags for everyday life in my gallery-atelier. Their attributes are carefully selected leather, recycled car belts and locks as well as sturdy sailcloth inside. Get ready for sculptures, mural reliefs and design furniture that first of all just claim to exist, in order to lose in a next step their insignificance for you. It is like you walking by a piece of driftwood on the beach or, at the best, lighting a romantic campfire with it, while I see a completely new symbiosis with materials like stainless steel, glass, polished wood or plastic.

Enjoy the wedding party of functionality, haptics and visual fun in the morbid atmosphere of a 70’s industry building. That is what will be our main concern this afternoon. Vernissage is somewhere else…

WHERE? Atelier deGröger, Bogenstrasse 1, 90530 Wendelstein
WHEN? 7.Dezember 2013, 14 – 19 Uhr

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