On the hunt for driftwood in Kings Canyon/CA

26. April 2013 von

Artikelbilder deGroeger kalifornien

A rout to nowhere – Kings Canyon in the Sierra Nevada. The valley is under the constant smoke of the fires that keep flashing on the craggy and partially inaccesible hillsides. If you miss the right moment your way back will be cut. But as if itwould have wanted to pay me compensation for the prickling in my neck Kings River gave me a really freaky piece of driftwood. During the next weeks I will creat an object with this piece that will take you n a journey to the end of the horizon.

On Gulf Of Venice

23. September 2011 von

The coast at the gulf of Venice offers beautiful and partly remote beaches, although it sometimes is built upon with ugly housing. Important for me of course is that those coastal areas are not cleaned regularly for tourists. I found such a beach northeast of Venice at Caorle/ Biblione. I was fascinated by the authenticity, because I only saw natives at the beach. They observed me very skeptically when I dragged the drift wood across the beach hundreds of metres and with a hot burning sun. They were wondering at the fact that I did not use it for fire making but transported it to a car with German plates. But one Italian got it and shouted something at me of which I only understood one word: “sculptura”. Yes, of course. Si, si, si, seniore.

A special place – politics, (waste of) money, (no) power

25. January 2011 von

Only a stone’s throw away from this „magic“ place is the actual place of action. Although the word action might say too much. In 2007 political will power was demonstrated here with lots of accompanying media attention and a high financial engagement. This is why I searched for interesting objects here and found them. The result this time is an interesting peace of furniture and its function this time gained a high value, in strong contrast to the results of that international financial event in 2007. In the piece of furniture you’ll find my thoughts about the topic financial policy.

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