What motivates me

I am fascinated by the thought that everything is in a state of flow. Of course there are phases in life, where you think, that time stands still. But I can assure you that this is not so. Because in this very moment you yourself are a toy in the flow of time or foreign interests. This thought is the basis of my creativity and my artwork with the material driftwood.

This material is used in contrast to other materials, sometimes in symbiosis with other materials. Just like in real life. Nothing is separated from other things, even if it sometimes seems that way. Everything is connected to everything somehow. Even contrast poses a connection.

I try to visualise the contrast of life’s different aspects with the different materials I use with the driftwood. This means to connect past and future, apathy with motivation, brightness with darkness or raw surfaces with smooth ones. Not everything runs smoothly for everyone in life. Those breaks and falls are what life is about. Great impulses stem from failures and from success, which motivate us.

At some stage everyone comes to a point, where you have to decide if you are driven by something, or if you want to be the driving force behind others. Most of us are forced to make decisions, and some are forced to make more decisions, than they would like to make.

My work opens new perspectives to processes and histories, which have those decisions as their topic.

In this meaning, I wish you a happy drifting into life’s adventure.

Show the place of finding of the driftwood.

Everything has its origin. But of course driftwood’s real origin is always obscure, a hidden secret. So I decided to think of the place of finding as the origin of my material.

Find out, where the material was found. On a metal band, which is fastened to the furniture sculpture or the relief or the sculpture, you’ll find the geographic coordinates. You can enter these coordiantes into the search field in the link side and the place of finding will be shown to you.

Try it with the co-ordinates from my work “six and a half deadly sins”

54.14796487 11.87083483 (Copy and Past in “Geographische Suche”)

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